Spray Foam Insulation

One Step Insulation & Air Sealing for Homes & Commercial Buildings.

Why Spray Foam?

Spray-applied plastic

Spray foam is a spray-applied plastic that insulates buildings and effectively seals cracks and gaps, making the building more comfortable and energy-efficient.
Plus, spray foam insulation effectively resists heat transfer and offers an efficient solution in reducing unwanted air loss that happens in buildings through small cracks, seams, and joints.
There are three primary types of spray foam insulation that can be used for insulation and other purposes:

**High-Density:** Used for exterior and roofing applications
**Medium-Density:** Used for continuous insulation, interior wall cavity fill, and unvented attics
**Low-Density:** Used for interior wall cavity fill and unvented attics

Open-cell spray foam

Best suited for interior applications. Open-cell spray foam benefits include:
- Can be installed at a lower cost with the same specified R-value
- Not a food source for mold
- Provides sound dampening qualities. Great for media to theater rooms!
- Lower installation cost per square foot

Closed-cell insulation foam

Closed-cell spray insulation foam has a higher per board foot cost, but has numerous benefits:
- Rejects bulk water (recognized as a flood-resistant material by FEMA)
- Adds wall strength and is impact resistant
- Higher tensile and bond strength
- Higher R-value per inch